It’s the final countdown!

Our funky new sound system is blaring out the beats as we enter the last stages of our transformation!

It’s hard to believe it was a mere ten days ago that Tina Haynes took over at The Cali. Turning the bar around in such a short space of time has been no easy feat, but we’ve worked night and day to make it happen.

Builders are fitting the back doors to the pub and artists are sprucing up the final touches to make the bar stand out.

Tina said: “I’m so grateful to everyone who has worked their socks off these last days. They have lent a hand that has been invaluable in making this the best bar in Luton.

“We had the odds stacked against us but I’m not called TINA (“There Is No Alternative”) for nothing! We’ve made our vision a reality.”


The Cali will open this evening for our usual Thursday karaoke night hosted by Stewart Thompson-Clarke. Everyone will have a chance to glimpse the new bar ahead of Friday and Saturday’s RELAUNCH nights.

BBC’s The Voice star Jordan Gray will kick start our maiden launch on Friday. Expect powerhouse vocals in a magnificent LGBT setting as we give a toast to The Cali. New owner Tina will also get a public roasting with the interview from hell (all questions secretly submitted).

Saturday’s second RELAUNCH night will be a spectacular affair with exotic drag queen Asifa Lahore, and (a first for The Cali) drag ‘king’ Adam All, tearing up the stage for a night of raucous comedy and cabaret!

Tina added: “Having a LGBT venue like The Cali is so important for Luton and we welcome everyone with open arms. Please come and see us, see what we’re doing and have a laugh with us at The Cali!”

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