Still smiling from our 3 minutes of fame!

We’re still smiling here at The Cali after the success of our relaunch was covered on television last week.

ITV News came along to the relaunch night of Saturday July 16 and spoke to boss Tina Haynes, as well as our performers Asifa Lahore, Adam All and Apple Derrieres.

On the night we didn’t really know what to make of it , except that having a film crew in the bar added a touch of glamour!

But seeing the end result on TV, we were thrilled at how it captured the good spirit of the evening and all the hard work that had gone in our relaunch.


For those that didn’t see it, follow the link below!

We’re now moving on to other things – there’s a lot of touching up (pun intended) to be done on the bar and that will be an ongoing process until it’s completely refurbished.

In the meantime, we owe a lot of thanks to our loyal community who meet here at The Cali – please keep with us and watch as the pub continues to change. We’ll be having a fabulous night on Saturday joined by Drag With No Name at 11pm. Really hope to see you all there!

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